Till the bottom

Episode 7. The intelligence landscape: from bacteria to machines

October 28, 2018

In this episode we invited Dr. Till Korten to talk about what is perhaps the single capability that elicits the most pride and frustration in humans: Intelligence. We explored the topic from multiple angles. We tried to establish what lies at the core of intelligent behavior. We talked about intelligence displayed in various types of biological systems and eventually got to discuss the likelihood of making machines possessing general intelligence and, at some point, a level of intelligence that far surpasses that of the most brilliant human: Superintelligence. Once we found ourselves in the middle of the topic of artificial intelligence, of course we explored the implications that its imminent explosion mean to society at large.

Oh, and by the way, apologies to Dr. Nick Bostrom for placing him with "the competition". He works in Oxford, not in Cambridge!

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