Till the bottom

Episode 16. Men, women, consent and inequality of outcome (with Dr. Swati Krishnan)

June 12, 2019

In this (audio exclusive) episode of Till The Bottom we have Dr. Swati Krishnan to discuss a variety of topics that deservedly have attracted a great deal of attention in recent years. The landscape in which men and women interact keeps on shifting ever more dynamically, so much that it seems that finding ways to sail through it as smooth as possible is a project in permanent construction. We begin by wondering how much progress towards gender equality has been made since the days when Simone de Beauvoir wrote "The second sex". Swiftly we move to discuss the extent to which sexual education in more traditional societies is hampered by taboos. Also, with drawing from recent "high profile" cases such as the Aziz Ansari affair, we explore the intricacies of what "consent" means in modern, casual and considerably chaotic sexual encounters. Finally, we discuss whether professional inequalities of outcome among the sexes are better explained from the "top down", as being the consequences of conditioning or even oppression, or, from the "bottom up", as being better explained through gender typical preferences and biological factors. Was a middle ground found? Listen to find out!

(By the way, this episode was recorded last December, so "this August" means August 2018)


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