Till the bottom

Episode 12. East meets West: Identity in a fluid world (with Jiaying Lin)

February 22, 2019

To open the second season of Till The Bottom we bring you Jiaying Lin, a Chinese PhD candidate researching urban planning in TU Dresden. Jiaying joined us to talk about a personal topic with huge resonance potential. For an innumerable amount of immigrants the so-called "cultural shock" associated with settling in a new home is an external as well as an internal struggle. The internal upheaval unfolding as one adapts to a new environment can amount to no less than an "identity crisis", or more positively, an "identity revolution". Jiaying has gone through a bit of both. In this episode we explore Jiaying's own identity revolution as she weighs the merits and drawbacks of the "Eastern" way of life on the one hand and the "Western" lifestyle on the other. We talk about stereotypes, collectivism vs individualism, cultural templates of success and even the curious quirks of the dating scene in some Eastern cultures. Hope you enjoy!

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