Till the bottom

Episode 11. Just how “far to the right” will Europe swing? (with Matthaus Mittasch)

January 15, 2019

Dr. Matthaus Mittasch joins us to close the first season of Till The Bottom on a truly high note. Matthaus starts by re-telling some of the unsavory discriminatory incidents that he faced growing up in East Germany. Sooner than later the conversation became a hybrid between a thought exercise and a debate about the socio-political future of Germany and the rest of Europe. It is a fact that Europe is turning "right", but, how far will the continent sleepwalk into increasingly extreme forms of right wing politics? Just how commonplace is racism in (some parts) of modern day Europe? Our intuitions do not quite converge and that was all for the good, it made for an intense but always civil debate which literally ended on a couple of friendly handshakes. If only every disagreement could end like this!

Oh, and important and slightly distressing note. We recorded this episode when Trump's wall looked like a rather distant and implausible mirage... now it is plausible that our predictive abilities might let us down on that one!  

Thank you for sticking with us through our first season. We certainly enjoyed the ride and we hope you did too! 

The second season is coming soon and we are more than eager to welcome you for one more chatty ride!

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